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Sex & Nudity

  • Rear nudity is shown a couple of times
  • A character is suggested to have been prostituting herself in exchange for survival and goods. She obviously now wants nothing to do with her past. This happened before the start of the show's plot, so it is never seen, but a man who knew her before tries to kidnap her an mentions her past. All of this is suggested, so it is never mentioned graphically, just alluded to with sentences such as: "I did what I had to do..." Younger viewers may not even understand.
  • A man and a woman are seen kissing in bed in underwear as part of a prostitution deal (see violence and gore for more details)*
  • Some sexual references.
  • A guy and a girl pretend to have sex by rocking the trailer truck and making orgasmic noises as a distraction.

Violence & Gore

  • Violence is gory and pretty graphic. The series contains grossly dusturbing images.
  • The violence in this show is mostly portrayed with blood splatters and killings just off the screen or quickly edited so no gore is shown, with the occasional aftermath. There are many exceptions, though, such as all slingshot kills, which show parts of the head actually being blown off. Z nation's episodes will probably increase in graphic nature if the series starts to earn a higher budget.
  • All of the zombies have blackened blood and dead faces, most with dead-eye contact lenses.
  • There is the occasional shot of zombies feasting on bodies, including lots of blood and some holes/wounds on the corpse.
  • There are many Stabbings, mostly just off camera or with the actual object not shown entering the skull. Blood splatters are always present. Once in a while though, the actual stabbing is seen.
  • Many shootings, blood and small bursting wounds sometimes seen.
  • Zombies are seen on fire.
  • People hit each other.
  • Many people are seen bloody with body parts missing. They are hung from the ceiling with bandages covering them. This is very disturbing but not very graphic. (Philly Feast)
  • Many zombies are crushed by a rolling object, leaving behind guts and limbs.
  • People Beat and shoot each other.
  • A man is betrayed. He is tazed and knocked out.
  • People are tazed in various places (mouth, wrists, stomach) no blood, obviously, but still violent. (Philly Feast)
  • A zombie is seen grounded up and jammed in a car wheel. It is than stabbed. This scene is somewhat played for laughs, but is still very graphic.
  • Zombies are hit and run over by cars. Blood and gore seen.
  • Gruesome scars are seen on a character.
  • Zombie's heads are cut in half, and completely off, onscreen.


  • shit, ass, damn, hell, bastard, bitch etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drinking , smoking, mentions of drugs. Dealing of presciption drugs.
  • Season two has lots of drug references and scenes: zweed (marijuana grown with zombie compost) has an entire episode dedicated to it. Zweed is frequently mentioned and smoked throughout season two.
  • Peyote is smoked in one episode in season two.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The violence in this show looks pretty fake and the show has a lot of humor that makes things even less scary and even more funny.
  • Suggested Rating R for pervasive strong horror violence and gore, grisly image, disturbing behavior, some sexual material and drug content
  • Jump scares.
  • Episode 3 "Philly Feast" is very vicious and disturbing, much more than the other episodes.
  • Characters have mental breakdowns, and some characters appear to be psychotic.
  • Some Zombie Children are seen.
  • Correct rating already info included below by IMDB.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Two female zombies dressed as strippers are ordered to make out. They do so, but begin to to tear off pieces of each others' faces with their teeth.
  • A zombie dog and zombie baby are seen. They are bloody and creepy looking. This may offend or upset viewers. Both of their dead bodies are seen.
  • 1 person is tied up on a table where a lot of torturing devices are, he has his mouth sowed up and a severed leg. It is implied that the people who did it are cannibals. very disturbing
  • A zombie dog's body is seen with a spike impaled through its eye.
  • A person is choked, the scene is very long and brutal. They survive.

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